Today’s blog features this stunning work of fused glass art. It’s a bespoke glass splashback from Stirling, Stirlingshire, although this particular panel has a story like no other we’ve ever created. As pictured above, it sits behind the sink, nestled underneath a row of cupboards and cabinets to make a perfect fit against the back wall. The piece was made to specific measurements in order to guarantee a good fit, and the end result is very snug. Here’s where the story begins, however!

The client behind the piece was the Scottish actor Gordon Brown, who tragically lost his daughter in 2010 to a rare form of cancer. The family resolved to ensure that Eilidh’s legacy would continue, honouring a beautiful soul who would always think of others before herself, and established the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund.

This is where we came in. Gordon had seen our work at an exhibition in the past, and ever since then had wanted to get something of ours for the project he had embarked on – the creation of a beautiful holiday home to provide respite to children with cancer, along with their families. His idea was to take artwork that Eilidh had created and transform it into a piece of fused glass art that would go behind the sink as a grand splashback. Having only a few things that she had made, the design was incredibly personal and carried a huge amount of meaning as a way to honour her memory.

This was the original watercolour that we were sent. You might recognise the lyrics!

You can see the splashback we created pictured at the top of the blog. Lisa wanted to replicate as much of the design as faithfully as she could, including the soft watercolour effect of the original artwork. Soft textures and contrasting hues all come together to help ensure that even the bold blocks of colour have plenty of details to see. With a dark blue background to represent the sky and the horizon, a light cyan texture for the sea, and a burning mix of orange and yellow to represent the sun, the scene presented is extremely vivid. When you add all the elements at work into the final mix, you’re left with a panel of glass that looks a lot like a window into somewhere else entirely.

We were honoured and touched to be a part of the story. If you want to read more about the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund and the progress towards bringing a dream to life, head on over to their website and follow the build as it takes shape. It’s coming along very nicely indeed!

If you’re looking to put one of our bespoke glass splashbacks in your home, or there’s a certain kind of panel you want us to create for any space you have in mind, we’ll be more than happy to help. As the leading name in the world of fused glass art, we here at The House of Ugly Fish have decades of experience in the business of bringing our customers’ dreams to life.