We here at The House of Ugly Fish have been in the business of creating handmade fused glass art for a long time now. For as long as we’ve been going, there’s been something of a debate about the kind of pieces that we regularly create, and it’s one you might have heard before…

That’s right: it’s the question that we get asked time and time again!

We definitely understand why so many people wonder if our work falls more under the umbrella of design, as fused glass art has taken a pivotal role in interior design. More homes than ever have turned to fused glass to provide gorgeous wall panels, fused glass splashbacks and more, and it can even be used in windows, doors and dividing walls. You certainly couldn’t say that about traditional framed works on canvas, so it’s definitely different in that regard.

Bespoke Glass Art Daffodils Panel Behind the Scenes
Lisa working on her Daffodils panel for Swansea Council. Notice the flowers, created in a very painterly style!

The careful attention, hours of effort and precise skill involved in creating a beautiful painting with brushes, however, are all common factors between the two. Although it might not seem obvious, there’s an incredible amount of time and love that goes into every single piece of fused glass art we make.

Indeed, for our very own in house artist Lisa Villarospo, who has an extensive background in traditional art, glass is just another kind of canvas onto which a vast amount of creativity and possibilities can be painted. Swap paints for powder and enamels, and you should start to see how fused glass art isn’t too distanced from its more traditional counterpart!

So, whether you agree with us that handmade fused glass art definitely ticks all the boxes for being art, or you still think it’s a little more to do with design, we’re sure that there’s something on our website that would look stunning in your home. Have a look though our portfolio for something you love, and if you spot something just right for you, let us know all about it. The team here at The House of Ugly Fish would love nothing more than to help bring the touch of fused glass art to your home!