Fused Glass Art St Lucia
Tall towers of stunning fused glass art make for a unique, eye-catching sight.

For anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to visit the breathtaking Jade Mountain Resort hotel in St. Lucia, the sheer beauty of the place is sure to be a strong memory. Just take a look at the image above if you don’t believe us! That gorgeous view is what you see when you look outwards from the swimming pool at the resort. The mountains are the famous Pitons, two volcanic spires that are a World Heritage Site and the namesake of the local St. Lucia beer. 

The reason we bring it up out of the blue, however, is because of the gorgeous fused glass art that plays a key role in the hotel’s décor. The infinity pool features a lining of fused glass tiles, and there any many structures that resemble totem poles rising out of the ground. You’ll first have to get over the jaw-dropping views to notice them, though.

If you’re wondering who was behind these beautiful sights, the glass at the resort was masterfully created by David Knox of Lightstreams Glass Tile.

We’re huge fans of the work done, needless to say, and we felt very inspired seeing photos of how it complements its surroundings. It’s definitely worthy of the hotel’s prestigious reputation. The question is, though, can you bring the same five star effect to your own home? Yes, of course you can!

Fused Glass Art St. Lucia 2
It’s not just the view outwards, either! Looking inland is just as gorgeous, especially with the decorations leading into a lush sea of trees.

We here at The House of Ugly Fish are here to make your ideal fused glass art installation a reality. Whether you want a set of matching wall panels or just a single kitchen splashback to really make your home stand out from the rest, you only need to let us know. Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact if what we’ve got is the thing for you. You can reach us either by phone or email, both are fine!