We don’t mind admitting that we’ll never shy away from a sale; after all, everybody loves a bargain! So we thought it only fair that we bring our clients a sale of our own. With our fantastic range of sale items, you don’t need another excuse to buy art online today!

We have a whole host of fused glass items including mirrors, wall art, table decorations; even coasters, that are just waiting to be snapped up.
Take a look at some of these pieces to see if any float your boat:

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One of the things we don’t like about sales is the chaos. If you go into a clothes shop for example, and they have a really good sale on, all the items of clothing are all jumbled up, you can’t find your size, there are just piles of clothes everywhere and people are manically scrambling around trying to snap up a bargain. It can be a nightmare and can really put you off, and sometimes you come out with nothing because you haven’t been able to find the things you want. Well you don’t have to worry about that here. The world of fused glass art is a little more serene, a little more relaxed. When you buy art online with The House of Ugly Fish, you can simply come onto our website, browse our sale section at your own leisure, and everything is laid out for you in an easy to see page.

So what are you waiting for? Come over to our sale section, grab yourself a bargain and end up with some beautiful fused glass art. Buy art online today!