While fused glass art looks absolutely stunning in your kitchen, and the right piece of glass can make any room in the home, it’s definitely not an art form which is restricted to exclusive use in the home. We love the look of glass in a house as much as anyone else, needless to say, but we feel that it’s important to point out just how fantastic our fused glass can be when utilised in a commercial environment.

Fused Glass Art at Radlett Synagogue
The beautiful fused glass panel inside of Radlett Synagogue, North London. It suits its surroundings perfectly, and depicts an outline of Jerusalem.

We here at The House of Ugly Fish have years and years of experience creating commercial pieces suited to use in restaurants, shops and all manner of businesses, as well as in places that you might not have expected. Did you know that we’ve made work for numerous hospitals and even places of worship before? Never underestimate how versatile fused glass can be, and just how well it can fit into any space when the customer has full say over how the glass looks!

The glass is made in the same way as all of our domestic pieces are, so by extension you get just as much input as you’d ever hope to have. Every single piece of commercial fused glass art that goes into our kiln can be made completely bespoke and personalised for your needs – why not come and let us know all about your ideas?

We’re always looking for the next piece of fused glass art that we get to create, so make sure you don’t wait to get in contact no matter if you want something like one of our bespoke glass splashbacks for the home or you need glass that’s altogether more commercial. You can always reach us either by phone or by email, so feel free! Our team is waiting to provide the answers to your questions and queries.