When it comes to the creation of beautiful fused glass panels, both in domestic and commercial environments, The House of Ugly Fish is the leading name in the market and the first port of call for those in the know. Our work has helped to bring life into all kinds of spaces up and down the country, and even beyond its borders on occasion! There’s nowhere that’s out of reach for the work we do.

So where can fused glass art come into home decoration? The kitchen cooker might be looking a little bare without something filling the space behind it, or there may be a spot somewhere on the wall that’s crying out for some extra decoration. If that’s the case, we may just be able to help!

Fused Glass Panels to Fit Any Home

And when we say any home, we really do mean it!

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of our fused glass art is the uniqueness of every piece. No two are ever exactly the same as each other, unless of course they’re created explicitly to match one another. Even then, elements such as the bubbles that form between layers are always totally random and help to give each panel its own character. When you commission fused glass from The House of Ugly Fish, you’ll always be getting your hands on something that no-one else can say they have in their own home.

There’s no home too quirky, either! Because the dimensions of the glass are as bespoke as the design, we’re able to create panels that perfectly fit the space you have in mind. We’re even able to cut around more awkward obstructions like plug sockets, pipes and cabinets placed in less than ideal spots. In other words, you needn’t worry if you don’t have the clearest space for a splashback, there’s a lot we can do to ensure our fused glass art will fit.

Take a look through our wider portfolio of completed work and you’re sure to see all of the endless possibilities that our bespoke fused glass panels can boast. Then, if you’re feeling full of inspiration and you’d like to see your perfect glass brought to life, we can get started on doing just that!

Whether you’ve been searching through the market for a while now or whether you’re a total newcomer to the world of interior design looking for something truly unique, we here at The House of Ugly Fish stand ready to provide you with fused glass panels, wall art and more. Our full contact details can be found here on our website, so make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can!