Although our bespoke fused glass kitchen splashbacks are incredibly well known, and increasingly often spotted in homes across the country, there’s plenty more on offer here at The House of Ugly Fish. One particular product of ours gets nearly as much attention as our splashbacks, and we think it’d be a shame for anyone to miss out. We’re talking about our fused glass art pieces for the wall, of course, and we’ve got an extensive portfolio of them for you to view right here on our website.

Wall panels are some of our very favourite pieces to work on, as they can find a place in just about any room of the house and can be used either to complement a style or outright create one. You can have pairs of panels perfect for matching one another, or wall panels created to go along with a splashback. As with everything we make, it’s up to you!

We’re specialists when it comes to fused glass art that’s able to be made completely bespoke, after all, so it should come as no surprise to learn that our wall art is no exception to the rule. So, whether you’re looking for a one of a kind wall panel, a beautiful kitchen splashback or some fused glass art accessories perfect for completing the décor of just about any room you can think of, we’re sure to have what you need.

If you feel as if our gorgeous bespoke fused glass art is just the thing for you, then make sure you don’t hesitate to let the team here at The House of Ugly Fish know all about it! We’re always ready and waiting to hear from you, and we’re very excited to have the chance to bring your ideas to life. If you have any questions or queries at all about what we do, you can drop us an email or pick up the phone any time to have a chat.