Ganesh, or Ganesha is well known across the world as being one of the gods of the Hindu religion. Throughout India, his image is well known and identifiable by his elephant head. As the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and science as well as being a great being of wisdom and knowledge. It is considered that to worship him will bring good luck, success and will remove obstacles and difficulties facing you in life.

With the artwork that Lisa created, she attempted to recreate the reddish colours that resemble Ganesh in the background, as well as many characteristics that make up the god. We hope that success comes to the family that now owns the piece, as it was great to create and a good learning experience about the positive energies of Ganesh.

There is a story about Ganesh that can be seen in the artwork. The brother of Ganesh, Kartikeya, had challenged him to a race. The first to go around the world would be the winner. Whilst Kartikeya left to race around the world the next day, Ganesh sat and waited, thinking about how he could win. After some inner thought, he sat upon his mouse and went around his parents seven times. As many know, parents are known as the whole world in Hinduism. Due to his great intelligence and wisdom, Ganesh was declared the winner.

Such are the stories of the revered god. It is good to learn and be taught about the success of knowledge and intelligence, and we hope that the piece will continue to tell stories to visitors to the house that it is placed in. If you are looking for a similar commission of fused glass art that communicates a style you enjoy, our glass splashbacks are available in a variety of styles and colours. Contact us for more information.