You may have all forgotten but tomorrow is the 1st of April which means it is April Fools’ Day! Expect lots of mischief and practical jokes from office co-workers or some (truly) unbelievable stories from friends and family. Whatever antics occur, remember that is they occur after 12pm, the joke is on the joker! We do love a little bit of a practical joke here at The House of Ugly Fish, but we take our work in fused glass art and glass splashbacks very seriously.

So much so that we’re kind of off on a tour this year. We’re going to be up and down the country at various exhibitions and shows, showcasing our fused glass art and glass splashbacks. We hope to see some of you! If you’re looking to catch us at any dates or shows in particular then here is where we’re going to be in the upcoming months:

  • Grand Designs Live show in London (May)
  • Ideal Home Show in Manchester (June)
  • Homebuilding and Renovating Excel in London (September)
  • Grand Designs in Birmingham (October)
  • Homebuilding and Renovating show in Harrogate (November)

glass splashbacks

The Grand Designs Live show in London this May will actually be our 10th show there since it opened and we’re going to be dedicating a whole blog to this next week, so make sure you look out for that! We can’t wait to travel across the UK sharing our fused glass art designs and glass splashbacks with you all J