Glass bowls are a staple of any home, they’re usually found in the kitchen holding fruit or as decorative living room accessories. Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we are able to create our wonderful fused glass art into beautiful glass bowls. These smaller, home accessories have the same level of detail as our larger wall art pieces and splashbacks, and all the pieces you’ll find in our portfolio of fused glass art online.

A lot of clients opt to commission glass bowls or other smaller accessories to complement some of their existing artwork, whether it’s fused glass art created by us or not. Others love the concept of fused glass art but don’t have any wall space, or are in rented accommodation and aren’t able to hang things on the wall, so choose to get some fused glass art accessories instead.

The versatility that fused glass art allows us to minimise or maximise our medium, making it perfect for creating glass bowls or other smaller accessories. You can commission a piece to tie in with your existing décor, to match some other art work you have in your home or as an accompaniment to some fused glass art.

Getting in touch with The House of Ugly Fish really is as simple as picking up the phone or dropping us an email, so make sure you don’t wait to do that if you have a good idea about what you’d like. Our bespoke process ensures that we’ll be able to make something special and personalised for you every time.

You can browse our full portfolio of fused glass art online if you’d like to see all of the work we’ve completed in the past, featuring a huge variety of designs, colours and more. There’s plenty of glass bowls, mirrors and other accessories to get an idea of what kind of smaller pieces we’ve created. With our help you can have a truly unique, bespoke accessory that nobody else has.