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Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re experts when it comes to the creation of incredible glass splashbacks, both in domestic and commercial environments. Our work has helped to bring life into all kinds of spaces across the country and beyond its borders on occasion, too, so there’s nowhere out of reach for our fused glass art. If you think that the area behind your kitchen cooker looks a little bare, or there’s that one spot against the back wall of your kitchen that’s missing a little big of decoration, we may be able to help!

Glass Splashbacks for Any Home

When we say any home, we mean it! Perhaps the most distinctive feature of our fused glass art is the way that no two pieces are ever exactly the same as each other, unless they’re explicitly created to match. We’re even able to cut around more awkward obstructions like plug sockets, pipes and cabinets placed in less than ideal places, so don’t worry if you don’t have the clearest space for a splashback – there’s a lot we can do to help!

If you’d like to incorporate images into your personal piece, like the kind of painterly brush strokes found on traditional canvas, we’re more than able to fulfil that request thanks to the talents of our very own in-house glass artist Lisa. Fused glass art, if you didn’t know, is created with enamel powder rather than paints, so it takes a special touch to emulate that coveted painted look. Luckily, Lisa is more than able to call on an extensive background of traditional art in order to bring stunning works of art to life.

We recommend taking a look through our portfolio to see all of the endless possibilities that bespoke fused glass art offers. If you find yourself feeling inspired with a clear design in mind, or even if you need our creative input to finalise the vision, we’re never too far away!

So whether you’ve been searching through the market for a while now, or if you’re a newcomer to the world of interior design looking to fill that all-important space behind the cooker, The House of Ugly Fish is ready to provide you with your ideal glass splashbacks and more. There really is something for everyone here with us, so make sure you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Our full contact details can be found here on our website.