Glass splashbacks have always been a big winner for us here at The House of Ugly Fish. Here’s a piece from way back in the past to prove what we mean. The design is a version of what would go on to become one of our most recognisable designs – the Tree of Life. Gorgeous colours can be soon throughout, building on a background of lush green with complementary shades of red, pink, green and more.

Finishing off the design, speckles littered around the branches and leaves create an incredible level of detail that ensures that there’s always something to see no matter where you look. We’re confident that this piece is still where we saw it last, and still capturing the attention of friends, family and guests alike.

The surrounding pieces on either side of the central feature are also made out of fused glass art, made to perfectly fit the shape of the alcove. When everything was put in place, the glass made for a seamless fit that perfectly matched together. We are always able to cut shapes out of our glass and create panels to fit measurements you provide, such as the curved alcove you see in the above example. When it comes to getting your hands on one of our glass splashbacks for your very own home, the process is much the same.

If this piece inspires some ideas of your own, make sure you don’t hesitate to look into what our glass splashbacks and wider portfolio of fused glass art could do for you. Your very own piece could look just like this one, have a few changes, or be totally different in just about any way. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, with details on how to reach us by phone or by email. Make sure you don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can.