Glass splashbacks are wonderful items to produce, because the sky is the limit when it comes to finding inspiration for them. Here at House of Ugly Fish, we often find ourselves basing = our glass splashbacks on places we have visited, sights we have seen, or even situations we have come across, and over the next few weeks, we will be presenting some of our favourite examples of these ‘glass splashbacks with a story’ from our recent portfolio.

Our first entry in what we hope is a series that will interest our customers perfectly exemplifies what we intend said series to be all about. The splashback, which you can admire in the portfolio section of our website, was produced for a home in Wiston, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, a region rife with wonderful sights and sounds, such as the sprawling meadow depicted in this article’s header.

The inspiration for the piece in question, however, came from a far more personal source, namely the customer’s love of bluebells. Her appreciation for said flowers, and her desire to have them in her field, inspired Lisa to create the splashback in question, which depicts a field of bluebells at sunset. It certainly does look stunning behind the stove in the client’s kitchen, its understated yet striking colours livening up the entire area! We are immensely proud of this piece, which boasts all the attributes which make glass splashbacks so popular while at the same time looking truly one-of-a-kind and bespoke (which it is) and a far cry from the slightly generic splashbacks normally found on the market.

It is this ability to derive inspiration from anywhere and channel it onto our bespoke glass splashbacks that gives House of Ugly Fish its reputation, and this piece is only the first of many benefitting from such a trait. Over the next month or so, we hope to show you a few others, each with its own, very specific story!