In our last post, we stated we would be starting a series of pieces on some of the most interesting glass splashbacks our creative duo has produced in recent times, particularly those with an interesting story surrounding them. This week’s article constitutes the second offering in this series, and once again showcases a job with a particular set of circumstances surrounding it.

Last week’s story took us to the South Lanarkshire region of Scotland, where Paul and Lisa were summoned to create an unusual glass splashback for a customer. This week’s offering originates from the same region, having been commissioned by a customer in Biggar. Needless to say, Paul and Lisa took the opportunity to do some more sightseeing and, as was the case in Wiston, found plenty to be inspired by.

In this case, Paul’s attention was drawn by Biggar’s renowned puppet theatre, of which he snapped several photos, including the one serving as the header for this post. The theatre, home of the Purves puppet company, has been a staple of the region’s tourist routes for forty years, and is well worth a visit when passing through, especially for fans of puppeteering and marionettes.  Paul was definitely inspired by the aesthetic of the puppets during his visit to the theatre, and while they did not directly influence the splashback he created for the customer, they definitely did give him some ideas and inspiration he or Lisa can use when creating glass splashbacks in the future.

As for the client’s custom splashback, it turned out fantastic, and has definitely contributed to spruce up his kitchen with its vibrant colours and springtime aesthetic!

The best part of all this is that Paul and Lisa’s inspiration from their recent travels did not stop there; in next week’s post, we will be sharing a few more glass splashbacks with a story!