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The House of Ugly Fish is a household name in the world of fused glass art, especially when it comes to the creation of stunningly unique glass wall art. Panels that we design to be mounted on the wall are easily able to go anywhere you’d like them to. That’s because our process is completely bespoke, with every piece we make created by hand. All of the wonderful glass panels that roll out of our kiln start life as a blank sheet of glass, with each one then personalised and deeply customised according to each customer and the spaces they have in mind. No two are ever quite the same!

Customers of The House of Ugly Fish get a huge say in the glass, too. After all, it’s easy when you have an artist on hand to listen to ideas and translate them to the medium of fused glass, and we have our very own creative mastermind Lisa Villarospo to fulfill that role for us.

We are able to receive ideas for glass art designs from our customers in a variety of forms, although most commonly it’s through simple description and correspondence alone. You can always feel free to send in colour samples such as pieces of fabric or tiles, if you’d like us to match something physical, or you can send in photographs and even drawings if you feel creative. Your imagination is the limit!

Where Can You Put Glass Wall Art?

There’s a lot to say about the placement of the glass, as well. Our customers often worry that the space they’re looking to put fused glass art in is too awkward due to obstructions, but this is rarely the case thanks to our bespoke process. We can create glass to any measurement or size required, all the way up to a whopping maximum size of two metres, and we can cut shapes out of the glass to make way for electrical sockets, extractor pipes and more.

If the space you have in mind is especially difficult for a single panel to fit in, you don’t have to have your chosen design take the form of a single piece. Our bespoke fused glass art has been used to create panels of all kinds, sizes and shapes, usually by utilising a series of smaller panels to make for a seamless larger picture. Smaller panels are less costly and much easier to fit, and the final effect is almost exactly the same. There’s plenty of pieces created that way in our Portfolio section, if you want to go and have a look!

It’s a fantastic time to come along and get your hands on something bespoke and totally unique here at The House of Ugly Fish, as we’re in full swing creating bespoke glass wall art, kitchen splashbacks, accessories and much more. You can get in touch by sending us an email or filling out our contact form, but we also love talking about ideas and concepts over the phone so don’t be afraid to simply give us a call. Our full details can be found right here on our website, along with a full Portfolio section that features all of the work we’ve completed in the past.