I feel like we say this quite a lot, but, it’s been a busy period for us over here at The House of Ugly Fish! We’re starting to sound like a broken record I know, but we just love to keep you updated with what we’ve been up to. Recently we’ve been getting clients looking for our glass window design services. It’s most likely due to the time of year; spring is rearing its head and we’re finally starting to see some rays of sunshine breaking through!
We’d like to share two examples of our recent work in glass window design that we think highlight how different our fused glass designs can be.
The first is a glass window design we completed in Penkridge. This design was absolutely beautiful and featured a landscape of a tree in a field. We used quite natural blues and greens to complete the design and the light shines through it beautifully. It almost has a poetic quality to it don’t you think?

glass window 1

The other glass window design was one we fitted in Bury. This was a lot more vibrant and was to take advantage of all the sunlight that flooded into the upstairs landing. We used different colours that were graduated and the end result was a sort of rainbow waterfall. Pretty cheerful and just in time for spring!

glass window 2

If you’re looking to transform a room in your house have you ever considered a fused glass art window design? They’re a wonderful addition to any home and a fantastic alternative to traditional art work. We have many more examples of our work on our website so why not have a look and get in contact with us?