Recently installed in Brightlingsea, Essex, this piece is definitely one with an interesting origin. The customer’s father is an Olympic medallist who brought home the gold for team GB in sailing, which we were absolutely amazed to discover! Being very proud of her father’s achievements, and with very good reason to be, she wanted the boats featured in the panel to be the very boats that her father sailed to success in. Lisa recreated the boats in the medium of fused glass art, creating the gorgeous glass wall art and accompanying pieces pictured above. What do you think?

If you love the way this glass looks, then why not get your own? Your own piece could look just like this one, or it could take on an entirely original design. Since everything we make is bespoke and made by hand, you’d be surprised just how much input you can have on how the end result turns out. Any size, any design, any colours – it’s really up to you. Just know that we always put everything we have into every piece that rolls out of our kiln, which is why we can guarantee that you’ll be getting something that you’ll absolutely love. You could say that we always go for gold!

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Whether you’re in the market for our glass wall art, splashbacks or accessory pieces, The House of Ugly Fish is sure to have what you need. There’s no better time to pick up the phone than right now, so don’t wait to do just that. Alternatively, you can drop us an email via the details on our contact page. Whatever works best for you, make sure that you let us know all about your ideas for the perfect piece of fused glass art. Hopefully, we’ll soon be delivering something special straight to your doorstep!