This beautifully blue bespoke fused glass art splashback found its way to a home in Grantham, Nottinghamshire.

Sitting beneath a lovely modern styled cooker hood, this piece is absolutely stunning in situ and really injects a huge amount of colour into the space. The glass both compliments and contrasts the tones of the décor around it, which is an effect we absolutely love.

As with all Tree of Life designs, each leaf on the tree was cut by hand and carefully placed on each of the many branches. You should be able to see a wide assortment of colours which compliment the different shades of the lovely blue background on which the design is built.

Can you spot all of the little details, such as the animals and insects, in the design? There’s a long-eared hare sitting in the bottom right of the picture, two black and yellow bumblebees near the bottom branches, and two yellow butterflies up top. Zoom in and you’ll see that the very bottom of the panel is lined with individual blades of grass, complete with little leaves and flowers intricately worked into the glass.

Feel free to be inspired, as all of the glass we create is completely bespoke and personalised for each customer. Your very own piece of glass could look just like this one, or you could put your own twist on it. We’re more than happy to make something perfect for you.

If a brand new piece of bespoke fused glass art is exactly what your home needs, make sure you don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as you can. The House of Ugly Fish is the number one name in the world of fused glass, both for the home and commercial environment. Take a look through our entire portfolio and you’re sure to find a tremendously varied assortment of work that we’ve completed in the past. We look forward to hearing from you!