For anyone who knows a thing or two about home design, Grand Designs is the number one show and destination to go. Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we are a regular exhibitor and this year we shall be at the live show in Birmingham to bring the beauty of our glass art products to the people of Birmingham (and hopefully some of you others who are travelling to the show from other spots in the UK!).

For those who aren’t too sure on what Grand Designs is, it is the number one destination for those looking for improvements on their home. With over five-hundred exhibitors and different sections that cover garden work, food and housewares and kitchen improvements, there is something for everyone, so often many bring their families. If you’re not careful you can end up spending a lot here at Grand Designs. Then again, if you intend to do so, you should probably drop by our exhibit to see our bespoke fused glass art in person! Perhaps you could even pick out a piece you like, as we will be bringing many, such as the glass triptych above, which measures 2m x 1m.

The House of Ugly Fish creates unique, bespoke fused glass art for the home and kitchen. If you want a design of your own, but cannot quite put it to your mind, we have various ways for you to get it onto glass. If you have colour ideas, we can take references you give us and create that unique beautiful kitchen glass splash back piece you’ve always wanted greeting you in the morning. With our talented in house artist, Lisa, we believe that you’ll be over the moon with our work!