Delivered to a home in Great Ecclestone, Lancashire, today’s featured fused glass art is another one of our glass splashbacks – and it’s a good one! The design is a Tree of Life, of course, and any previous readers of our blog should be able to recognise it as one of our most classic and beloved designs. This particular example, however, has a notably painterly style.

A bright sunset lights up the sky against the horizon, while darker skies crafted from darker blues remain unlit overhead. Below, verdant fields come to life with various shades of green. Needless to say, however, the centre of the whole design is the tree, where hand cut leaves sprout from the branches. You’ll find all manner of complementary colours and matching shades at work here, all coming together to make something truly unmissable.

The piece makes a perfect fit for the modern traditional décor of the kitchen, with warm tones matching the natural wood of the alcove. Also helping the effect is the way that the glass was measured and cut to be exactly the right size for the space given, ensuring that the end result looks like a seamless addition to the room. It almost looks like a window into another world altogether, doesn’t it?

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