This beautiful fused glass kitchen splashback is a piece that recently found a home in Leicestershire, and it’s a looker! You should recognise the design of the splashback, especially if you’re familiar with our work. If you’re a total newcomer, however, we call this particular style the Tree of Life, and it’s a very popular choice for a lot of our customers. No two pieces are ever the same, even if the basis of the design is a shared element. Every time a new Tree of Life is created, it takes on its own character and changes, and this particular example is no exception to that trend.

Each leaf on the tree was cut by hand and individually placed, making it a truly artisan product!

The basis of the piece is a beautiful green background, created with a soft gradient between deep green and a lighter, more minty shade. The tree itself is created on top, standing out in the foreground on the top layer of the glass. The wood is a warmer tone than usual, helping to contrast against the cool shade of the backing colour while complementing the warm cream of the wall behind. Each branch reaches out to fill the space with ease, and from each one sprouts a multitude of hand-cut leaves in all manner of complementary shades.

Oranges, reds, whites and more all come together here to create a rather fetching visual spectacle, and as often seen on our fused glass kitchen splashbacks, there’s a few extra glass pieces to accent the central feature. In this case, smaller surrounds continue along the back wall in either direction and help to create theme in the kitchen.

If you find yourself on the lookout for fused glass kitchen splashbacks to go behind the cooker in your kitchen, or a glass panel to dress up any empty looking space in the home, there’s nowhere better than The House of Ugly Fish to provide what you need.  We’re in full swing as we approach September, too, making this the perfect time to get your hands on something special. You can find our contact details here on our website, so pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can.