Today’s blog features a beautiful piece of bespoke fused glass art from a home in East Grinstead, West Sussex. The design of the splashback is a twist on a classic Dalaman style, incorporating many unique personalisations and details to create something truly unique.

The background is particularly interesting in this piece. It was based on a colour sample that the customer provided, which was a specific shade of paint called Light Peachblossom No. 3 – a Little Greene Paint Company colour that we thought would be a fantastic choice for fused glass. It was a little tricky to match the colour perfectly, but Lisa’s considerable experience in the medium allowed her to mix and match powders until she had the perfect shade ready to go.

From there, the rest of the design was put in place. A bold line of contrast runs from left to right, curving up and down to add a visual twist to the usual Dalaman. Many of the horizontal pieces feature an exciting and broad spectrum of colour, with layered bands that both complement and contrast. The end result is a visual feast for the eyes that we hope will continue to amaze friends, family and guests alike. You won’t find a splashback quite like this in any other home!

As the UK’s number one provider of stunning bespoke fused glass art that’s unlike anything else, we’ve had a very busy March so far! If you like what you see here in this blog, why not take a look through our entire Portfolio section? We have all of the projects we’ve completed neatly arranged in a gallery so you can see all of the endless possibilities that fused glass art offers, as well as the many locations up and down the country that we visit. Make sure you don’t hesitate to drop us an email or pick up the phone as soon as you can.