Whether you’ve just moved into your house, or you’ve lived there for years, everyone loves to have a little bit of wall art to brighten up the room. Currently, we live in a world that is filled with mass consumerism that seems to have forgotten the importance of bespoke or unique pieces. Time and time again we see stock piles of the same, factory line born items that are rolled out onto the high street that a million other people can purchase and put in their homes. Quantity over quality seems to be the mandate. That’s why we love being in the business we’re in. We hand make all of our glass wall art and aren’t afraid to do things a little differently.

Using cutting edge fused glass techniques; we create glass wall art that is both beautiful and bespoke. You can choose to commission a completely one of a kind piece that you can rest assured, no one else will have. Hanging it on your wall and looking at it every single day will be a reminder that we should cherish the unusual and unique. Our glass wall art is the epitome of that.

Take a look at some of the glass wall art we have already created to give you an idea of the kind of things we can create. We work with a variety of different colours and can make bespoke designs and patterns of your choosing. Commission a stand out piece to become the focal point of your room, or a piece of glass wall art to complement your existing artwork.

Here are some of our glass wall art designs, contact us here at The House of Ugly Fish to start creating your own:

Kettering-staircase-small Kettering-interios-3-small