Seeing as we’ve just finished moving our business to the beautiful Welsh isle of Anglesey, we thought it’d be a good time to look back through the portfolio and dig out a piece that we delivered there years ago. It’s a little bit of a look into the past, but this piece of fused glass art is as fresh as ever. It was created for a home in Cemlyn Bay, on the north side of the island, and it’s where it still sits to this day. We also chose to feature this piece as it shows very well what the difference is between the  flat colour of  coloured glass splashbacks and what hand-cradted fused glass splashbacks are able to do.

The piece is a bespoke fused glass splashback which features daffodil flowers as a main feature. Instantly, the glass helps to bring colour into the room no matter what the weather might look like outside. The light mounted above the piece works perfectly with the vibrant yellow hues that feature so strongly on the panel, and it almost looks like the bright sun reflecting off of the flower petals. The end result of all the different elements comvined is a panel that gives off a tremendously homely atmosphere.

The boldness of this design and the details present work together to ensure that you’ll never confuse this piece for anything less than an artisan work of art that demands attention. It’s a natural attractor of gazes, and the perfect centrepiece for a kitchen you want to have heads turning in. No matter who comes round to visit, we’re sure that they’ll spot this beautiful splashback before anything else in the room.

If you’re looking for the finest alternatives to more traditional glass decoration options, such as plain glass panels or coloured glass splashbacks with a flat colour applied, then The House of Ugly Fish is the right place for you. We specialise in the creation of fantastically detailed works of fused glass art created just for you and your home, with a completely bespoke process that’s more than able to bring the best of your creative ideas to life. All you have to do is get on contact as soon as you can, and we’ll take you through the rest.