We’ve got something really special for you today. This piece comes to the blog courtesy of a marvellous home in Potters Bar, a town about thirteen miles north of London. The couple who ordered the three panels for their property had the entire house built to fit their specific requirements, making it a stunning and bespoke home within which no detail went overlooked. As you might imagine, whatever art went into it would have to be similarly bespoke and perfectly matched. Fortunately, as those familiar with our work should already know, bespoke is our speciality – and our glass wall panels fit the bill!

The Design

The couple contacted us to provide three of our glass wall panels for them, combining together to create a pretty sizeable Tree of Life design. Our glass was to be placed at the very core of the grand build, forming the central element for an ambitious room divider mounted on a sliding mechanism. The end result would create a breathtaking feature wall.

The design is a highly personalised take on our classic Tree of Life, incorporating elements of their surroundings. Their home was actually right next to a golf course, and its expansive green formed a lot of what comprised the view looking out, so you’ll see that sitting in the background behind the tree. As avid golfers, they were keen on including a diaphanous view of the course in the design!

Lisa liaised with the lady of the house in order to get every last detail right, starting with the colours. She was looking to include turquoise, lime green shades and metallic silver accents but to name a few, perfectly complemented by marbled orange hues found in the hand cut leaves. The trunk is done in a grey textured style, actually painted onto the glass with an artisan’s traditional touch.

The Challenge

The customers knew that they definitely wanted the room divider to function as a sliding door, but they weren’t initially sure about how they were going to go about it, or even if they could. This is where Hawa, a Swiss precision engineering company, stepped into the picture. We collaborated with them to figure out a way to realise the clients’ vision, working together to combine practical engineering with the gorgeous fused glass art.

From making the glass and preparing it at various stages, to delivering it on site and working with the Swiss engineers to ensure everything went smoothly, the project turned out to be a complex multi-stage affair that took a lot of time and effort to complete. We had to wait until everything was finished before we could step in and get our glass in place, as the house had to be practically finalised before the track for the sliding door could be laid down.

However, the end result made it all worthwhile. As you can see pictured above, the divider ended up looking better than we possibly could have imagined. Running between the kitchen and living room, it’s quickly become one of our most memorable glass wall panels to date.

If you love the way that this incredible piece of fused glass art transforms the home as much as we do, then why not look into getting glass wall panels of your own? We here at The House of Ugly Fish specialise in bringing your vision to life through the medium of fused glass art, and we can’t wait to get started on our next project! You can find our our full contact details here on our website, and our friendly team will always be willing to chat. Feel free to ask us all about how our glass could work for you, or share your ideas for the perfect piece of fused glass art with our artist!