Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish, once more sending you all the best from the windy shores of Anglesey! There’s been a lot happening down here since our last update about the new showroom and all the incredible fused glass art found within, so we thought we’d update you on how things have been going!

This is a picture of the new stock inside our fused glass art showroom. This image is being used as an insert image in our blog.We have new stock coming into the showroom all the time, and lately it’s almost like we can’t seem to order enough to keep up with all the interest. Every time you visit, you’re sure to find brand new designer interior accessories that complement our glass perfectly.

This image shows another view of our fused glass art showroom in Anglesey. The image is being used as an insert image for illustrative purposes.Of course, as well as featuring a lavish selection of interior items, we’re always creating brand new pieces of fused glass art to go on display. From grand sculpted waves and wall panels all the way to smaller accessories such as decorative bowls and coasters, there’s plenty to see on the wall and on the shelves.


If you see anything you like, you’re very welcome to take a piece of fused glass art home for yourself – or order something completely new and bespoke, which many customers already have!


A Very Warm Welcome for our Fused Glass Art

We have to say, we’re overwhelmed with the support from the local community in and around Rhosneigr. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive of our business, helping us to feel truly at home in no time at all.

With everyone coming out to see us and spreading the word about The House of Ugly Fish, we feel very fortunate that we made the choice to come to Anglesey. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made!

Lots of visitors have been asking about our glassmaking courses. We have three-phase electric power on the way, which means that we’ll be able to relocate our kiln to the workshop next to the showroom. Once this happens, Lisa will be offering the courses for a variety of experience levels. We hope to see you there!

Couple that with superfast broadband, and there’s some very exciting things happening down here at The House of Ugly Fish!

It’s not just customers that are swinging by to see our showroom, either! We’ve spotted quite a few bees coming to inspect our recently planted lavender.


Tasty Treats

At the beginning of May, we were extremely happy to welcome Rory O’Donnell, aka Zapatismo, to the property. He’s a brilliant chef specialising in Mexican street food, and was looking for a good spot to set up his taco truck after lockdown.

After just one weekend, the positive response was fantastic. His loyal following showed up to support him, as well as a whole slew of new customers who absolutely had to come and see what was going on. Everyone had time to check out our showroom, giving all customers ample opportunity to pick up a few gifts and souvenirs.






After sampling the menu for ourselves, we absolutely understand what has so many people excited. The food is fresh, healthy and very tasty, catering for all with a wide variety of menu options.You can find details about when he’s with us on his Facebook page. Don’t miss out!


So much has happened here, yet we get the feeling that there’s more to come in our story of fused glass art and the beautiful shores of Anglesey. Make sure you check back for the next update! In the meantime, as always, we hope you stay safe out there! The team here at The House of Ugly Fish is wishing you all the best from our island home. We hope to see you soon!