Created for clients in Hertfordshire, this piece was the perfect splashback for what they were on the lookout for. They wanted to have wispy ice cream style colours in their kitchen, but were unable to find a design that worked with the image they had in mind until they came across our work and saw the endless possibilities on show in our portfolio of fused glass art.

We worked closely together with them to create something special with the right colours, the perfect size and a design that they absolutely loved. The end result is as you see picture in the image above! Although the kitchen was very neutral before, it’s certainly had a huge injection of subtle colour and gorgeous texture to really make the space pop. We have absolutely no doubts that heads will be turning for a long time to come. Friends and family alike are going to have a hard time keeping their eyes off of the piece.

Why not come and get your very own? We here at The House of Ugly Fish are always ready to create something that’s just as brilliant and unique as this piece, and the bespoke nature of our glass means that you can always come to us with your wildest ideas. Your imagination is the limit, after all! Be bold, and let us know all about the fused glass art of your dreams. It’d be our pleasure to bring it to life.

If you’d love a piece for your own home that looks just like this one, or you’d much prefer to get your hands on something entirely different, make sure that you don’t wait to get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish as soon as you can. Our bespoke fused glass art is always ready and waiting to find a place in your home, after all, and there’s absolutely no reason not to come and let us know all about your ideas – we’ll definitely be able to bring them all to life for you.