If you’ve clicked on this blog looking for the very latest bespoke glass splashbacks, you’re in luck! This beautiful piece found a home in Witney, Oxfordshire just this month, and we’re very happy with the way it came out. Feast your eyes on the colours at work here!

The design is a fully original one inspired directly by the customer’s ideas. She loved the idea of a bright sunset with a contrasting tree, rooted on land in the foreground and silhouetted against the orange glow on the horizon.

The colours in the piece were a very purposeful choice as well. The main cooler hues in the splashback tie in with the colours of the navy AGA range cooker, while the soft orange glow of the horizon directly references the retro orange banner high up on the wall. Even the contrasting black silhouettes match the dark cooker hood and the cabinets below. The sky also features pink accents lovingly added in a painterly style.

We’re in love with the end result, of course, and we’re extremely happy to show it off on our blog. This bespoke glass splashback is the perfect example of a piece which helps to tie the entire room together, as it takes cues from the surrounding décor to create something truly unique and extremely complementary.

If you find yourself thinking that a piece just like this one could find a place in your own kitchen, what’s stopping you from picking up the phone and looking into getting one of our bespoke glass splashbacks for yourself? Make sure you pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Our team is always at the ready to hear from you, and your ideal piece of personalised glass art is closer to becoming a reality the moment you let us know about your ideas!