We showcase a lot of our popular designs here on our blog, and we do like to put the spotlight on certain pieces that we think have something interesting to be said about them, but there’s something a little less commonly commissioned that we still believe deserves a good mention or two. We’re talking about images, of course! Specific images such as portraits, logos or symbols work incredibly well in bespoke fused glass art, especially when we have such a talented artist as Lisa to translate them and bring them to life in a whole new medium.

The kitchen splashback above is a fantastic example of what we’re talking about. It was created for a client that really liked the design on a pillow that they had seen, but wanted to take advantage of our bespoke glass to make changes that fit their ideas better. Of course, we were all too happy to make sure that the end result would look just the way they wanted. They asked us to change around some colours so that it would be a perfect fit for their kitchen and chosen décor, and we think that it turned out fantastic as a result.

The splashback not only looks stunning but also blends in well with the tiles and cabinets of the kitchen. We can only hope that the dishes coming out of it are as diverse as the feathers of the peacock on the splashback – though we’re sure they are!

Every single piece of glass we create is unique, from drinks coasters to grand wall installation, but we’re always able to create something bespoke just for you. We hope that this blog inspires you to look into getting your very own glass, especially if you’re looking to incorporate an image or series of images inside of it. If you’ve got a good idea about what images you’d like to put into a piece of bespoke fused glass art, make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can. Even if you don’t, we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you!