Created for a customer of ours in Motherwell, Glasgow, this Scottish splashback is a unique, vibrant and indisputably colourful piece of fused glass art. It features a vivid palette of colours which shift with the shape of the wave design, giving the panel a stand-out look and a real place as the centrepiece of the kitchen. The glass exudes heaps of style, creativity and personality, perfectly complementing the warm, dark brown countertop and white walls that surround it.We love the way that the styling of the kitchen frames the piece as well!

We have no doubt that this glass is going to be attracting all the right kinds of attention for a long time to come, but that’s exactly the kind of result you can expect every time you invest in something special from The House of Ugly Fish.

We’re not just experts when it comes to fused glass splashbacks, either! Our resident glass artist Lisa is an incredibly talented artisan of her craft, able to create some of the most exquisite pieces of glass in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re on the lookout for some small table decorations such as our Rospo lights, bowls and coasters, or you’d prefer to have something larger like a wall panel to dress up a space that’s looking a little bare, make sure you don’t wait to have a look at what we’ve got to offer!

If you’re looking to inject colour into your kitchen with the unique, one of a kind touch that only fused glass art can give you, make sure The House of Ugly Fish is your first port of call. We’re always ready and waiting to create the perfect piece of glass just for you, and the only thing we really need is for you to come and let us know what we’ll be getting to work on next. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, so why not pick up the phone for a chat?