Here’s a very recent piece that we delivered to Preston, Lancashire. The client was looking to tie a wonderfully grand entrance hall together with the help of our bespoke fused glass art, matching the light tones of the walls with darker contrasting colours – just like the black and white keys on the piano nearby!

Bespoke Fused Glass Art Lancashire Atrium ViewThe design is incredibly rich in colour, building on a background of deep velvet red in which warmer and lighter streaks create a soft texture that you could easily get lost in. Almost as if casting shadows, bold lines of black further enhance the rich mood of the piece. Providing contrast against the darker colours present in the piece, there’s plenty of brighter highlights that catch the light and make this piece shine. Gorgeously regal gold pieces can be found just about everywhere you look, with wide bands of white helping to bring out the curving lines of the glass.

The four pieces that comprise the sculpted waves are also shaped like waves themselves, a detail that’s hard to miss! It creates a real sense of flow and adds a whole other dimension to the piece, making this glass a pleasure to look at and an unmistakable centrepiece for the space it occupies.

Your own piece could look just like this one, or completely different. It’s entirely up to you! Working in three dimensions always creates interesting results, but it’s not always ideal for pieces such as splashbacks where the panel works best tucked away behind the cooker looking fantastic. No matter what you opt in for, however, you’re guaranteed something that’ll take your breath away.

If you’re looking for something unique, handmade and completely personalised, then our bespoke fused glass art is perfect for you. Don’t wait to pick up the phone and get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish as soon as you can. You can also contact us via email or enquire through our contact form if you’d like! We look forward to hearing from you, as we love getting to create interesting pieces no matter what size or shape they might take.