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Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we love what we do and what we’ve been able to achieve after fourteen years. Our glass has been able to bring life and inject colour into all kinds of spaces up and down the country, and plenty of times our glass splashbacks and wall art panels have gone abroad on international deliveries. Could your home be the next on our list?

When it comes to getting your own personal piece of glass, the first place you’ll start is with the type of panel. Most people choose a splashback, as there’s a huge amount of space behind the cooker just ready and waiting to be exploited.

There’s a tremendous amount of variety in the kind of designs you can have, from very simple, minimal pieces all the way to extremely complex designs. They can be fully original works too, artist’s own originals or pieces inspired by locations in real life. We’ve incorporated images many times into personal pieces, with painterly touches such as brush strokes and lush textures evoking the look of traditional canvas. Remember, it may be glass but it’s definitely art!

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks to Suit Any Space

We really do mean it when we say that our glass is able to suit any space inside of any home. If the piece isn’t an immediate fit as it is right out of kiln, we can cut shapes away from the glass to make way for obstructions that might get in the way of the fitment. This includes plug sockets and pipes, as well as cabinets that might be making the shape of the space awkward.

If what’s holding you back is a feeling that you’re short of inspiration, however, or you’re not sure where to begin with a completely bespoke design, we recommend that you take a look through our portfolio section. You’ll find a comprehensive catalogue of all the projects we’ve worked on so far, with everything from grand glass wall art panels and bespoke glass splashbacks all the way to smaller accessory pieces and unusual applications like windows and doors. Our art offers a world of possibilities, so don’t be afraid to dream big!

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of interior design or a seasoned decorator in your own right, if you’re looking for something special to go behind the cooker then one of our delightfully bespoke glass splashbacks should be just the thing for you. You can find our full contact details and a ton of information about our fused glass art on our website, so make sure you don’t wait to read up, pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can.