As you’re sure to have noticed,  the days are growing darker every day. That’s a given for December and the winter months in general, but there’s a reason we’re mentioning it. With the sun disappearing over the horizon earlier and earlier, we here at The House of Ugly Fish couldn’t help but think about how best to get things looking a little lighter again. Thankfully, the solution wasn’t too hard to find – and as you might have guessed, it’s one that’s provided by our fused glass art.

We’ve been pairing light with all kinds of fused glass pieces for a long time now, after all, from backlit wall panels all the way to specially created Rospo lights that provide a beautiful and practical way to light any space. The effect that’s created when light passes through our glass is stunning, and definitely has to be seen to be believed, especially when you factor in the ability to make any piece unique and bespoke. Simply let us know all about the kind of colours you’d like to see projected from your own fused glass light, and we’ll get to work creating the design of your dreams!

We don’t just create light, either. Sometimes, we work with what’s already provided. If you’re a big fan of natural light and making the most of the sun shining, then our fused glass art windows are sure to be the perfect thing for you. Granted, there’s less of it in winter, but we think that the beauty of a bespoke fused glass design might tempt you enough to make the choice! Have a look through our portfolio of fused glass lighting and see what you think.

If you’re looking to let a little bit of light into your life courtesy of The House of Ugly Fish, make sure you don’t wait to get in touch! We have a huge range of gorgeous fused glass art windows and lights just waiting to find a place in your home, and a team that’s always ready and waiting to pick up the phone. You can find our contact details right here on our website!