These gorgeous, dynamic pieces of fused glass art were created for a client in Northumberland that was looking for a unique way to let light into a rather dark bathroom. Naturally, these two window panels were the perfect solution, and they had the added effect of dressing up the hallway like the client was looking to do.

Fused Glass Art Northumberland Close Up
A close up of one of the two fused glass art windows. We’ve always loved the way our work looks when light shines through it!

Make no mistake, these windows are created from the very fused glass art that you can find all throughout our portfolio. They’re translucent, however, with lighter colours to let the light shine on through and create dazzling patterns on the other side. They’re actually a little bit like stained glass windows, only we’ve done away with the old and added a contemporary style to them that’ll ensure they stay looking fresh for a long time to come. As you can see from the enclosed images, the light is more than able to flow freely between rooms and illuminate the various spaces with ease.

As for the design, the client wanted a naturalistic interpretation of a scene depicting hills in autumn colours. We used a wide range of red, warm hues in order to show this, and the end result works incredibly well when light shines through. Lush greens make for beautiful hills that rise towards a picturesque clear sky.

When it comes to fused glass art, there’s not a lot we can’t do for you here at The House of Ugly Fish. Have a look through our full portfolio and see what we’re capable of, and we reckon you’ll be inspired with some great ideas for your very own bespoke piece of glass. You can find our contact details right here on our website, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and let us know all about what you need.