Fused glass art is the gift that keeps on giving. Even for experts like the team here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re still finding things about the medium that surprise and amaze us in equal measure. We’ve heard from many customers that it’s the same for them, too! With that in mind, we’d like to talk about one of the best discoveries we ever made with regards to our fused glass: the effect that occurs when light shines through a panel!

There’s no finer source of light than the natural brightness of the sun, of course, especially on a warm summer’s day or one of those lovely times when there are no clouds in the sky. Our fused glass windows were inspired by and created specifically to harness times like those, transforming light streaming into your home into colourful rays that create an often mesmerising display!

Sunlight is really only around for half of the day, however, and the British climate will only ever be so forgiving when it comes to keeping things bright (and dry!). That’s why we’ve got a range of beautiful lighting fixtures that work perfectly well on their own, serving as stand alone ways to light a room in a very unique fashion. Needless to say, we’re more than able to make bespoke fused glass lights with the same amount of personalisation as we can put into our usual panels, so you can be assured there’s something here for you just waiting to be made.

There’s no reason that light can’t shine into your very own home just like in the image heading this blog. All you have to do is get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish as soon as you can, either by phone or by email, and let us know all about what you want. Whether you’re looking for something completely bespoke or a more classic design that’s guaranteed to look great in any room, make sure you don’t wait to invest in a fused glass window today. We look forward to hearing from you!