We all want to make our homes homely and warm, so we can cosy up to a film or a good book, with a box of chocolates and the lights dimmed low. Thinking about it, it’s all in the lighting.

Every home should be treated to stylish lights, whether its table lamps, floor standing lights, or ceiling lights. Once you’ve got the brightness down to a tee, your home will automatically be transformed into a (more) welcoming and warming place to be in. Just be careful that you don’t end up falling asleep halfway through the film and wake up with the credits rolling! But it’s not just how you far you dim the lights, it’s the light shade too and The House of Ugly Fish has a range of fabulous fused glass lighting available.

Fused glass lighting can add that extra effect that you’ve been looking for to create the right atmosphere in your home. We have five popular fused glass lighting designs over on our website which include the Rospo Carnivale Flow, Rospo Flottiglia Blu, Rospo Light Black & White Flow, and two Translucent Panel Back Lit fused glass lighting. But of course, we will happily design and create one to suit you.

So, whether you’re looking to set the mood in your home for a romantic night in with your loved one or a film night with your friends; we believe that adding fused glass lighting to the picture will work an absolute treat.