Matching up well with the kitchen it’s situated in, this particular pick from our portfolio of bespoke glass splashbacks is an absolute treat. It’s a perfect example of how our fused glass art can be exactly what you want in your kitchen and home.

The design itself is a Tree of Life, one of the most popular styles that we make. It shouldn’t be hard to see why that is, of course! Our many customers and clients are fond of this kind of design because it’s so easy to customise and personalise the piece. Ornaments can be hung from the branches, or family pets might be depicted running around the trunk below. If something has a special meaning to someone, it’s never too difficult to find a place on the tree to put it!

The customer behind this piece certainly made the most of the bespoke aspect, requesting something that would look absolutely sublime when put in place. We think that all of the colours blend together nicely with the walls and wooden cupboards, perfectly complementing the stylish, yet homely feel of the kitchen. Fused glass art is a pretty traditional form of art, after all, so it makes sense that it would look great in a more traditionally styled environment. Add in some sunlight from the surrounding windows, and you have an idyllic kitchen that’ll look divine for years and years to come. We can personally guarantee that the colours on the splashback will never fade, and the beauty of the glass will last for as long as you need it to.

If you’re inclined to agree, and you feel as if one of our bespoke glass splashbacks would be absolutely perfect for your home, then don’t wait to get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish as soon as you can! We can’t wait to get started.