Here’s one from the vaults! It’s an older piece of ours that eventually found a home in Padgate, Warrington, but it looks just as good as the day we made it! The client behind this piece was looking to put something special behind the cooker, and so they asked us to provide one of our bespoke glass panels.

As planned, the splashback would go all the way up behind the extractor to give the kitchen a more uniform look overall. The design was our classic Dalaman style, of course, a favourite among many of our customers both new and old. Not a whole lot of colour made it into this particular piece, with the client instead opting for a primarily monochromatic look.

Starting with a background of soft grey to match the colour of the paint on the wall, the whole piece was created with the kitchen décor in mind. The dark sparkled black elements in the glass compliment the similarly coloured and textured black granite worktops, as well as the floor. Keen eyes might spot that the only colour actually present in this particular splashback is a scattering of red highlights. These were included to match the red appliances that you can see pictured above, tying the room together and completing the theme nicely.

There were lots of flashy elements and LED lighting fixtures to be found in this particular property, helping the sparkling elements of the design really pop. Once the work was completed and the piece was installed in situ, it was the perfect example of how well placed bespoke glass panels can accurately accent and enhance existing colours and textures. If you’re looking to build a certain theme in a room, why settle for an off the shelf decoration that might not fit as well as you’d like?

For those in the market for the very best bespoke glass panels available today, there’s simply nowhere better to go than The House of Ugly Fish. Whether you’d like something classic like the piece pictured above, or something totally new, you can find our full contact details right here on our website. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Our showroom is located in Manchester, so if you’re local you could even come on down to see the glass in person.