These three tall fused glass wall art panels were made for a home in Lymm, Cheshire. The design of the piece continues across all three panels, making sure that the triptych creates one big image when you stand back and view it at a distance.

The piece is very abstract, but incredibly beautiful. Powders fused together create a solid background, while hand cut pieces wave up and down across the glass. All of the elements come together to create the sand, shore, sky and sea with waving lines of beautifully hand picked colours. Three red boats sit on top of the waves, being rocked gently by the sea. The piece has a fantastic sense of motion, and we think it looks incredible in its final location.

Do you think something like this would look fantastic in your own home? Because of the fully bespoke nature of the work that we create, you’re more than welcome to take inspiration when it comes to your own order, all while changing key elements of the design to something far more personal and meaningful to you. Do you have a specific scene in mind? Perhaps a landscape that you’ve come to know and love. Even the specific style of the scene is changeable, ensuring that the final piece of glass you receive is unique to you and only you.

If a brand new piece of bespoke fused glass art is just the thing that your home needs, make sure you get in touch with us as soon as you like. We are the number one name in the industry when it comes to providing stunning pieces of glass wall art, kitchen splashbacks, accessories and more. Why not have a look through our full portfolio and let yourself be inspired by the endless variety of work we’ve done in the past? From there, it’s just a case of deciding what you want and letting us know!