We spend so much time at home that it’s important that it reflects you perfectly. Home is your sanctuary, your escape from the world and a place in which you find comfort; so putting your own stamp on it is vital – especially when it comes to your artwork.

You usually choose the artwork that is going to go in your home once you’ve finished decorating; choosing your artwork puts the finishing touches to your house. And it’s these little details that can make all the difference. Often it can be hard to find the perfect piece to complement, not only your home, but your own personality and style too. Generic pieces of artwork can leave you feeling uninspired, so why not take control and commission your very own piece of fused glass art?

Every person and every home is different and with fused glass art, you can commission a piece of beautiful art that completely reflects you and is 100% unique. Our bespoke service means you won’t end up with glass art that a thousand other people have hanging in their homes. Yours can truly be one of a kind.

When making your fused glass art, we use the same materials as when we’re creating other people’s pieces, but we never end up with the same end product. You get to choose the colours, style, design and pattern of your fused glass art – you can even give us a photograph or wallpaper swatches as inspiration!

Your home is a reflection on you, so it’s only right that the items you fill your home are too. Creating your perfect sanctuary has never been easier than working with us. Contact us today to get started on your very own fused glass art piece. Like we said, we spend a lot of time at home so it’s important to get the little details just right.