This gorgeous bespoke glass splashback is one of the very latest pieces to exit our workshop, finding a home in Mount Batten, Plymouth. We thought it’d make a good feature for today’s blog, and a great way to brighten up Tuesday in style.

All of our designs begin with the background, and this piece was certainly no exception. The base layer of the glass was created from a beautifully muted blue shade, complete with a quiet gradient and a helping hand of subtle texture. On top of that, the central spine was assembled. The spine is a key feature of the Dalaman design, and it’s especially prominent in this particular example. A bold horizontal line runs from left to right, anchoring a multitude of extremely colourful pieces together. You should be able to spot shades from all across the spectrum here, ensuring that this kitchen centrepiece is a real explosion of colour.

As with all the glass that we create, this bespoke glass splashback was able to be measured and specifically cut down as to make the perfect match for the space allocated to it. The end result is a seamlessly snug fit that looks as if it had always been there to begin with. That’s the primary benefit of having a fully bespoke piece created from scratch to match the space you have in mind, of course, as well as ensuring that you’ll be getting a unique decoration no-one else can say they have in their home.

If you feel as if your own kitchen could benefit from the addition of bespoke fused glass art, then why not look into getting one of our bespoke glass splashbacks for yourself? You’re guaranteed to find something that’s perfect for you, and even if you don’t we’re always more than happy to bring a personalised piece to life that suits your décor to a tee. Pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. Our team is always ready and waiting to hear from you!