Today, we’re taking another look back into the past. It’s been a little bit of a theme for this week’s blogs, after all! This particular feature is a set of three wall panels that form a triptych, adorning a space on the wall in style. The customers lived in Porthcawl in South Wales, and wanted to capture a specific sight away from home with the three panels. You might recognise that sight and location as Sa Dragonera in Majorca, as it makes for a striking silhouette against the horizon. The customers could see the view in the glass from their holiday home, and had the idea to immortalise the view in glass wall decor based on a photograph.

As you can see, the end result brings the view to life in a spectacular way. Looking at the panel almost feels like you’re gazing through a window into another place entirely. The vivid palette of bright orange and blue tones perfectly contrast and play off against each other, with a landscape that’s boldly realised and faithfully depicted.

The silhouette of the island against the sky is something that we hope will be remembered every time the piece is viewed, though we’re sure the sight of the glass will turn the heads of anyone who happens to walk by. In total, this piece measures a whopping two metres in length and one whole metre in height to make this triptych a particularly grand affair. Standing in front of it really gives you a sense of scale. Even though photos never do our glass justice, even the picture at the top of this blog should give you an idea of how the triptych draws all the right kinds of attention. 

We don’t just specialise in large bespoke glass wall panels, however. Fused glass art is nothing if not versatile, and one look through our portfolio is all you need to see just how varied a selection we have. We have everything from bespoke kitchen splashbacks, glass bowls, drinks coasters, windows and much more on offer here on our website. Don’t be afraid to have a gander!

If you love the look of the image above and all the many things on our website, what’s keeping you from coming and having a look at what glass wall decor by The House of Ugly Fish could do for you. Our fully bespoke process allows us to create something that’s perfect for any space you have in mind, no matter what kind of design you’re afer. Simply get in touch with our team as soon as you can, and we’ll be able to tell you all about how we could work best for you.