And by that title we mean to say, why settle for a plain old mug when you could get something that’s a real feast for the eyes?

We may be called The House of Ugly Fish, a name that we’ll always get questions about, but our mugs are anything but ugly! Excuse the slight pun, as we’re not talking about our faces. Rather, we’re referring to the fantastic variety of printed mug designs that you can find right here on our website. You’ll no doubt have caught sight of them before if you’ve ever visited our showroom, but for those of you who haven’t had the chance, we thought we’d highlight a few and take the time to show off some of our favourites.

Printed Mug DesignsHave a look at this gorgeous black and white wave design, featuring bold lines and fine detailing work that’s sure to catch your eye. With the sleek, modern design of today’s kitchens, we’re sure a matching set of bespoke mugs wouldn’t go awry!



Printed Mug Designs 2Or, if you’re looking for something a little more vivid, why not try the volcanic design of the Hekla mug? Inspired by the Icelandic stratovolcano of the same name, the design utilises burning oranges and deep reds alongside strong black hues to replicate the look of a lava flow. If you like your hot drinks as much as we do, we think this is an appropriately warm look for your mugs!



Printed Mug Designs 3Depicting a grassy plain on the Northern coasts of Scotland, a variety of flowers and grass sway in the breeze against the sky where the sun hangs low. A myriad of vibrant colours help give this mug a scenic beauty and a helping of personality that just can’t be beaten.

That’s just scratching the surface, however, and you can find a full gallery of designs on our mugs page. We encourage you to take a look, as we’re sure there’s something you’ll love. All of our printed mug designs began life as a piece of fused glass art, after all, so you can expect to see the same unique beauty and one-of-a-kind design work that we put into every piece of glass we make. You could even turn your own fused glass art piece into a matching set of bespoke mugs if you wanted to! As with everything we do, it’s up to you.

These bespoke mugs aren’t just for show, either. They’re very practical, sturdy and the high quality printed designs won’t simply wash away or fade. Next time you put your feet up and settle down to enjoy a nice cup of tea, make sure you’ve got one of our mugs in your hands!

Our printed mug designs are always waiting to find a new home with you, and there’s guaranteed to be one perfect for you, for a member of your family or for one of your friends. Make sure you don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can. You can find our contact details on our website, and you can do so either by phone or by simply dropping us an email.