Fused glass art accessories are on the rise these days, with everything from glass art bowls to vases being made. It is no wonder glass art gifts are on the rise and are now the fourth most popular gift given and received this side of Europe.

In a poll taken by glass artists on the streets of London, passers-by were asked if they would prefer to be given a custom made glass art piece than any of the usual gifts people are given. After taking a look through the show pieces the artists had with them, 92% of the people asked said they would rather receive fused glass art as a gift.

Looks like we’re onto a winner then!

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, custom made fused glass art pieces are our speciality, whether it’s a gift for someone or a little treat to you we can make pretty much anything you have in mind. From bowls and candles to glass wall art for your living room to glass art for your garden, there is nothing we cannot do!

If an occasion is coming up and you need a gift, you already know what they’d appreciate! Drop us a call or email us, because nothing says happy birthday/congratulations quite like a custom fused glass art piece.