Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we’re always amazed by what fused glass art can do when you least expect it. One of the very best discoveries we ever made happened when we saw the result of light shining through a piece that we had created, as we took full notice of how the light diffused and projected vibrant colours around the room. It was pretty spectacular, but we knew that we could do more with it – thus the fused glass window was born!

That’s when we had the idea of creating beautifully bespoke fused glass art windows for the home, as there’s no finer source of natural light than the sun shining outside and overhead. Unfortunately we’ve all experienced the discomfort of having a bright ray of sunlight shining in our faces, like after choosing the wrong seat at the dinner table, and that can certainly make you feel a little less enthusiastic about your window on a hot summer’s day – but what if instead of being a nuisance, sunlight coming through your window created a stunning light display of mesmerising colour?

Of course, that’s not the only way that we’ve found our fused glass art works perfectly with light, and it’s certainly true that sunlight is only around for half of the day. What happens when the sun goes down, or simply isn’t there on a typically British day?
We have beautiful lighting fixtures that work as standalone ways to light a room, serving both to cast beautiful coloured light and patterns while looking simply stunning on their own, and it should go without saying that we’ll be able to make the panels of those fused glass art lights to whatever specification you might have in mind.

If you’re looking to witness the gorgeous combination of light with our glass first hand, why not consider investing in a fused glass window from The House of Ugly Fish? We’re always waiting to hear from you and discover what you have in mind for your ideal piece of fused glass art, so don’t hesitate to get in contact whether you’re on the lookout for a translucent window pane or a splashback to go in the kitchen. It really is up to you!