Here’s one of our recent bespoke glass splashbacks that we absolutely couldn’t resist showing off. Freshly out of the kiln and now installed in place, it’s a fantastically beautiful and scenic kitchen splashback with a very unique design! It found a home in Melrose, Galashiels, where it very happily sits now. The design of the glass features highly stylised bold lines that draw out and define the rolling hills of the landscape, making the piece look just like stained glass from a little distance away. We love the effect, combined with the effective use of colour throughout.

For those with a keen eye, you may be able to spot where the origins of the piece actually lie. The design was actually inspired by and translated from an existing painting, which is exactly why you’ll be able to see deft brush strokes and evocative textures at work just like you might have seen in the original. Our resident artist Lisa has an extensive background in traditional art, helping this glass look just like any other canvas on which this gorgeous landscape could be painted. But unlike any other kind of art, we think the unique qualities of fused glass art really made this a one of a kind work!

We just love the colours at work, especially now that it’s been put in place and complements the kitchen perfectly. Smooth green shades of all kinds meet deep red hills and subtle orange additions throughout, making for a real treat for the eyes. We’re sure that any guests who pop round and see this glass are sure to be amazed!

If you’re looking for the very finest bespoke glass splashbacks, then we here at The House of Ugly Fish can definitely do something for you. We love nothing more than bringing gorgeous and highly personalised glass pieces to life, no matter what shape or size a piece you need to bring that space in your home to life. Then again, fused glass art makes a perfect match even for commercial properties, so it’s up to you. Give us a call or drop us an email with all of your best ideas, and hopefully we’ll be delivering something special to your doorstep soon!