This latest panel comes from a home in Matlock, Derbyshire, a gorgeous locale that’s close to our own roots. It’s a striking piece of glass that interacts with light in  a stunning way and complements the warmer atmosphere of the kitchen with a little bit of a cooler tone. If you’ve spotted the grey background of the piece, look again – it’s actually a mirror! We’re not sure if we’ve seen something like this before, so we’re calling it the first of hopefully many glass mirror splashbacks.

The idea for the piece came about when the customer was wondering about what to do with the mirror behind the cooker. They weren’t entirely sure about whether or not to remove it completely and swap it out for a piece of glass. Together with our in-house artist Lisa’s input, however, the decision was made that something could be created to go over the existing mirror and bonded down as to create something brand new. Rather than replace the mirror, our glass would aim to make it a part of a new Wave design incorporating gorgeous shades of translucent blue.

As you can see pictured above, the end result turned out to be a truly unique splashback and a piece that we’ll remember for a long time to come. We’re sure it’ll make a big impression on whoever comes into the kitchen and spots it!

If you love the way that this piece looks and you’d like to help create a brand new trend of mirror glass splashbacks, why not look into getting something just like this for your own home? Even if you’re looking to go in a completely different direction, you’ll find that all of the unique beauty, artisan craftsmanship and textures on display here can be found on all of our pieces of fused glass art. Bring your best ideas, and we guarantee that the end result will have your jaw dropping!