As someone who has, on more than once occasion, had a complete meltdown in a home accessories shop, I know how difficult it can be to choose things to decorate your home. Artwork can be especially tough to decide on but luckily here at The House of Ugly Fish, as well as having some wonderful fused glass art and bespoke glass splashbacks, we have some helpful tips and advice to pass on too.

Art can be used in any number of ways and it can have both practical and aesthetic uses, sometimes all rolled into one! For example, if you don’t have a window above your kitchen sink, and therefore have no view, you can create your own with one of our bespoke glass splashbacks. You can create whatever scene or view you like giving you complete control!

fused glass art

Finding two pieces of art that either match or complement each other can be incredibly tricky, especially if you’ve got a certain budget to work within. The great thing about our fused glass art and bespoke glass splashbacks is that you can get them made from scratch, to work as a pair. You can have complementing colours, styles and imagery in the pieces which can be used in tandem to fill negative space on a wall.

From a personal point of view I’ve found that framing artwork can be a massive expenditure and finding the perfect frame can be more stressful than finding the art itself! That’s why sometimes you can just not bother with a frame for a more casual look on the wall that still looks amazing. Most of our fused glass art ends up being installed without a frame anyway and it looks stunning.

Our last tip of the day when it comes to fused glass art and other forms of art work is to stop being shy. In other words go big or go home! Oversized art can be a real showstopper and become the focal point of a room. Plus, it might make more financial sense to indulge in one large pieces rather than lots of smaller ones. There’s no real upper limit to the size we can make our fused glass art just let us know and we can discuss options!

For more inspiration, head on over to our portfolio section to see examples of our fused glass art and bespoke glass splashbacks.