We’re always talking about how we travel far and wide for our clients, installing pieces down in Southampton and as far up as Scotland, but with this particular piece of fused glass art it was the customer doing the travelling!

A couple who had seen Lisa’s work before travelled all the way from New Zealand to the UK to see us. They brought with them some absolutely stunning pictures of the view from their house for us to use in the fused glass art piece. They decided on a Tree of Life design set against the backdrop of a New Zealand sunset. The couple have some breath-taking views that overlook the Pacific Ocean (we aren’t jealous at all!) and they wanted those blue and orange colours incorporated into the piece. So, this is the finished fused glass art piece:

New art in New Zealand

The couple have a beautiful home and we think the fused glass art panel looks exquisite placed where it is. The blue of the wall complements the piece perfectly and we can just spy some other artwork in the background too – this couple know how to choose their art! We’re ecstatic that they love the piece as much as we do, especially as they gave Lisa so much freedom with the design. Hopefully we’ll be invited to come and visit the piece in person and we’ll get to see some of New Zealand whilst we’re at it!

If you’d like to commission your own piece of fused glass art then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.