We cannot believe that it’s already five days into 2016. Time really flies doesn’t it?! Everyone here at The House of Ugly Fish hopes you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year. Unfortunately, January blues tend to set in around this time as people are back to facing reality and the joys of the festive period are behind us.

There are a number of ways that we can beat the January blues. Some people decide to get in shape and plan to dedicate the fresh year ahead to doing more exercise and eating better; some want to learn a skill or take up a new hobby; and some decide to make a big life change such as moving house, or travelling the world. Whatever you’ve got planned for the year ahead we hope you achieve what you set out to.

One of our favourite ways to cheer ourselves up is by treating ourselves to some brand new art work for the home. The start of any new year is a time for new beginnings and what better way to encapsulate that ideal than by decorating your home in new art work.

If you’re looking to add some new art work to your walls then browse our range of fused glass art to give yourself some inspiration! Our fused glass art is all about originality, uniqueness and being new; perfect for the start of the New Year.

If you see something you like amongst our fused glass art designs then fantastic, snap it up! Or, you might find yourself inspired by some designs and want to commission your own piece of fused glass art. Either way, you end up with some beautiful new artwork for your home.

Happy New Year everybody!